It is a great honor to serve as President of the Military Training Instructor Association (MTIA), and I am very glad you have chosen to visit us here.  As an Association, our goal is to build and impact the very nature of the camaraderie of Military Training Instructors – past, present, and future.  Through our Association, we can share in the stories and the legacies of those who are and were responsible for building the world’s finest warrior airmen and Air Force.

For me personally, having been an MTI was one of the greatest experiences of my military career.  Having the incredible opportunity to share those rich moments with others is beyond words.  Collectively, we have formed friendships to last a lifetime, and the connection to our service for this great nation is continually strengthened.

This website is a place for all MTIs past and present to enjoy.  I invite you to join us on social media, if you have not already.  Finally, I encourage you to attend our annual convention in San Antonio during October of each year.  I think you will find it a very enjoyable and enriching experience!

John J. Pavey, Jr., CMSgt, USAF, Retired