This is for former, current, & future USAF MTIs.

If you were looking for the Official United States Air Force Basic Military Training website, this isn’t it.  The MTIA is a charitable organization of past, present, & prospective military professionals, who are bound together through the incredible honor of building the world’s finest airmen.

Our content is for our purposes, and is no way intended to be an informative tool for those who are considering a USAF career, or as material for USAF Public Affairs, AETC, or any government agency.

If you or a family member are looking for information on joining the USAF…

If you are looking for the Official USAF BMT website…


If you are looking for BMT flight photos…

BMT Flight Photos

If you are looking into becoming an MTI, please feel free to spend some time with us here, or on our social media – but do know that you will need to log into the USAF portal with your credentials and follow the instructions to apply.

If you are looking for your MTI from when you went through BMT,  reference your flight photos, your military records, or even the BMT Flight Photos project at the link above for specific name(s).  We will not answer emails or messages concerning reconnecting prior trainees to MTIs.

I’m a present or past MTI & I want to join.

Awesome.  And Welcome.