The Master Military Training Instructor of the Year, more commonly known/referred to as the Blue Rope of the Year was first awarded in 1980. Those selected each year are the absolute best, by performance, and their names are forever held at the MTI Monument at the Lackland AFB (JBSA) Parade Grounds.

2015MSgt Chasity Hert
2014MSgt Nick Urldiales
2013SSgt Eddie Glover
2012TSgt Joshua Hite
2011TSgt Brian Fisher
2010TSgt Julie DePriest
2009SSgt Scott R. Weimer
2008TSgt Jennifer Blackmarr
2007TSgt Justin G. Apticar
2006TSgt Kenneth J. Pryga
2005SSgt Chrissie Valenza
2004SSgt Blaine Listenbee
2003SSgt Roy Massey
2002TSgt Phillip Easton
2001SSgt Xavier King
2000SSgt Christopher Bell
1999SSgt Anthony Lamagna
1998TSgt Jennifer Bear
1997SrA Chad Cribb
1996SSgt Michael Jewell
1995SSgt Beth Peura
1994SrA David Staton
1993SSgt Maurice Pierce
1992Sgt Shauna WADE
1991TSgt William D. L. Dambacher
1990TSgt Anthony Grandberry
1989TSgt Patricia Barrett
1988SSgt Christopher Holt
1987TSgt John J. Pavey Jr.
1986SSgt Raymond Salamy
1985SSgt Damon Flemmons Jr
1984TSgt John Gonzales
1983SSgt Harry Creacy, Jr.
1982TSgt James Fox
1981TSgt Garry Henry
1980TSgt Stephen Bong