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What Happened
To My Old

3724 BMTS

Past Commanders:

1977 - Deactivation: Lt Col Dave Sweeney

1975 - 1977: Major Walt Mowles

1971 - 1973: Major Olaff D. Graffagnino

1969 - 1971: 1Lt Thomas D. Jewitt

1963 - 1965: Major Bernard J. Tallerico

1961 - 1963: Major Edward P. Winslow, Jr.

CMSGT Malouff

The 3724th BMTS was initially formed to serve as a typical training squadron of Air Force enlisted personnel throughout the early years of the Air Force. During the drawdown, the 3724th was inactivated. It was reactivated due to an agreement between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The unit was created in order to provide basic military training to approximately 1200 Saudi Nationals to prepare them for duties within the Saudi Arabian Air Force. The instructors assigned to the 3724th included American and members of the Saudi Arabian Air Force. The Saudi MTI's were required to complete Military Training Instructor School.

The training program these individuals underwent was specially designed to include military, English language, math, and science training so that the trainees could ultimately attend USAF Technical Training Schools. Each trainee spent a minimum of 2 years in the squadron until they obtained an 80 ECL (80% of a U.S. 12th grade graduate English Comprehension Level) before they graduated from BMTS and moved on to technical training. The trainees were destined to be maintenance and support personnel for the Royal Saudi Air Force. The unit was activated on 1 October 1975 when the first contingent of 100 trainees arrived. The unit was deactivated in 1979 or 1980. The distinctive patch of the 3724th BMTS was designed by CMSgt Charles Malouff.

1975-1979 USAF & Royal Saudi Air Force Staff. (center)
LtCol David Sweeney/Commander, (far right) SMSgt Charles Malouff/TS

Following are the names of the Training Officers & MTI's who served in the
3724th from 1975 - 1979

Training Officers: Capt Frank Walsh, Capt Ken Shasteen

First Sergeant: SMSgt Glenn Linnebur

Section Supervisors: SMSgt Charlie Barnes & MSgt John Sells


Lee Bush

Luke Parchman

John Sells

V. Bobrowski

Ray Brown

D. Derrick

Mike Harris

Harry O'Connor

Neal Pernell

James Sanders

Walter Siggers

L. Thornton

J. Warren

John Watson

H. Wilbanks

Everett Zackmeyer

Harley Jackson

Isreal Russi

D. Sage

John Thompson

Mike Thompson



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