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This web site is dedicated to the honor and memory of Staff Sergeant Tim E. Johnson, USAF, Veteran, who dedicated countless hours and personal resources to the founding of the United States Military Training Instructor Association. As one of the Founding Board of Directors, he assisted in laying the groundwork for establishing an organization that current and former instructors often said was more than 50 years overdue! For his efforts, he was presented MTIA Coin # 001, as well as a Special Achievement Award during the initial MTIA Convention in 2002. Later, he was recognized by a cadre of Tiger Stripe Instructors for “turning back the clock” and building an organization that recognized their contributions to the Military Training Instructor profession.

His dedication in maintaining the Association’s web site in order to tell the story of Air Force Basic Training and the evolution of the Military Training Instructor was unparalleled. He spent thousands of hours in meticulously documenting the most obscure detail. In fact, the Air Force History Office often contacted him to seek permission to use information he placed upon the site. Without question, he created a medium that is a lasting legacy and honors anyone who has ever served as a Military Training Instructor.

On September 1, 2008, Tim Johnson was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident outside Sacramento, California while on his way to Bonneville, Utah to document the efforts of the San Jose BMW Motorcycle Racing Team in its quest to set world land speed records. He was survived by his wife Debbie, a son Andy, and a daughter Casey.

Sergeant Johnson served as a Military Training Instructor from 1984 – 1987 and was assigned to the 3704 Basic Military Training Squadron. In recognition of his outstanding service to the USAF Military Training Instructor Association, and for his efforts in documenting the history of Air Force Basic Training and the Military Training Instructor, Sergeant Johnson was awarded the Master Military Training Instructor Award posthumously.

Sergeant Johnson selflessly gave so much to his fellow instructors and asked for nothing in return, other than to have the opportunity to once again associate himself with Military Training Instructors. Tim, we deeply thank you for all you have done for the MTI Corps. You will remain in our hearts and minds forever, and may God bless you always!

CMSgt John J. Pavey, Jr.
President, USAF MTIA

MTIA Member Parting Thoughts...
I just received word that Tim Johnson was killed in a motorcylce accident yesterday just outside Sacremento, California. He was heading to the Bonneville Salt Flats as his employer, San Jose BMW, was going to try and set some land speed records.

Words cannot describe what I feel right now. I have lost a dear friend. Tim was so instrumental in helping get the MTIA started. Few people know what he was doing behind the scenes. He didn't post much in recent years, but I can tell you he worked on the web site virtually every day. He was so excited about this organization. He always told me about how much he enjoyed his time as an MTI. To be able to connect again after being away so many years was such a thrill to him.

I had the pleasure of leading Tim to Christ a little more than five years ago so rest assured as to where he is right now.

I'll post more later as I find out more.

Chief John Pavey

It is a shock to read the loss of Tim; we really will feel a personal loss to all of us.  Our heart felt condolences to his family.

Don Terrill

What! I cannot even believe what I am reading! Tim was a true brother of the hat and what fun we had discussing the events and things happening during the conventions I met him at. He is family, words cannot describe what I am feeling right now.

He was so special, a founder of this organization proves his passion, and he did an awesome job on the web page taking care of things in the background, never asking for anything except input from all of us.

Please extend my condolences, thoughts and prayers to his family. I will add them to our prayer list at Church.

John Kanios ("k")

I dont remember Tim but he and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Tommy Uptain

As soon as I get more information I will post it. I'm waiting for everyone on the left coast to wake up before I call. I received an email from Tim's brother informing me of what happened.

As I've always stressed, everyone associated with the operation of the MTIA are volunteers. We have never been paid a dime for our efforts. We haven't always been perfect with getting out membership packages and so forth, but we do the best we can considering we all work regular jobs. Since our inception in 2002, Tim processed more than 600 membership packages and mailed everyone of them out himself. He never submitted a bill to the MTIA. He paid everything out of his own pocket. I tried to get him to submit an invoice to be reimburse for what he paid out of his pocked, but he refused. He said that being part of the MTIA was something very special to him and this was his way of giving back. Although he missed the last couple of conventions because of his new job, he absolutely loved this association and worked his butt off to make it better.

Of the original founding board of directors, Tim and I were the only ones left that were still active in the day to day operation of the MTIA. Others are still members, but they are not involved on a day to day basis.

Chief John Pavey

I'm very sad right now, feeling low as I had met Tim..... and we all Love him like a brother. I did not know the part of getting him right with God, I'm sure glad that happened, for his sake. He did so much at the conventions he did attend. he was a very integral part of the MTIA. From photographer, to computer updates, to everything else, he was always there for us.


This is shocking news to me. I received an e-mail from Tim just two days ago. He was a damn good man... loyal, with integrity and honor. I shall never forget him... never.

Joe "Tuffy" Tofuri
All: I just spoke to Tim's brother about what happened. The details are a little sketchy, but here's what they think happened. As Tim was driving, a woman in the oncoming lane lost control of her vehicle, over corrected, and came across the median and struck him head on. They tried to revive him at the scene, but could not do so. They believe he died instantly.

There are no details as of yet. His body is in a mortuary in Sacremento. His brother is going to let me know as soon as he hears something.

Chief John Pavey

Truly a sad day for the MTIA and all of BMT. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Tim at the 2005 convention. He spent most of his time scanning memorabilia and updating his computer. This comes as such a shock. He is with the Lord now, and may the Lord be with his family during these sad times. Tim will never be forgotten.

Tim Price (TT)

My thoughts and prayers are with Tim's family and all who loved him so much. He will be missed terribly by so many. God bless the Johnson family and friends.

Rest in peace Tim, we love you brother.

David Staton

Please pass my condolences to the Johnson Family. Although I did not know this gentleman personally, I join with you and all others who have faithfully served, in the loss of a fellow MTIA member and Patriotic American.

Bill Campen

Just so all will know, it is my plan to attend Tim's funeral. The arrangements are still being worked. I intend to print off all the comments posted on this site and present them to Debroah and his two children. Tim has a son and daughter, both in the early to mid-20's.

I have always said, and will continue to say, Tim Johnson had more to do with the success of this organization than anyone. His tireless efforts in keeping our web site up and running gave us so much credibility. No one knows the amount of chaos that takes place behind the scenes, but the one constant and reassuring face of this organization was the web site. We average more than 100 hits per day now and when one navigates the site, they see the story of BMT, as well as this organization in such a manner as never before told.

Chief John Pavey

Oh my God!!!!. Is about all I can say other then a silent prayer.

Chief Paul Pachowicz

Please pass along my condolences to Tim's family. I didn't know him except through the web site, and through the fact that as a fellow MTI I have a very good idea of the kind of man he was. He will be missed by all members of the MTIA, our prayers are with his family.

Dave Mariano

What a GREAT loss.Met Tim in Colorado springs years ago,he signed me up .again a Great loss...

Neil Weekley

What an absolute tragedy. I never had the pleasure of meeting him or knowing him well personally, but Tim and I exchanged a few emails over the past few years. The last of which was a couple of days ago.

He documented literally everything and has a web site that you can view that will really give you a pictoral chronical of his life.

The link is

The phrase along the top of his web page sums up how I think he lived his life...

My deepest sympathies to his wife, son, and daughter.

Ross George

What an absolute shocker. Tim worked for me in the 04 Squadron in the mid 80's. There was not a finer MTI in the squadron. My sincerest condolences to Tim's family and friends. His shoes are going to be hard to fill in this organization.

Garry Henry
All: I just spoke to Tim's brother about what happened. The details are a little sketchy, but here's what they think happened. As Tim was driving, a woman in the oncoming lane lost control of her vehicle, over corrected, and came across the median and struck him head on. They tried to revive him at the scene, but could not do so. They believe he died instantly.

There are no details as of yet. His body is in a mortuary in Sacremento. His brother is going to let me know as soon as he hears something.

Chief John Pavey

Man, this hit hard when I read this! I am also stunned. I haven't read the other posts yet, but I am numbed by this news!

Rick Blankenship
What a shocker!

I just read the horrible news about Tim. I also read all the posts from everyone. I concur with what has been said. I never met Tim personally, but we did talk on the phone a few times about web stuff. He was a great man to do all he did for the MTIA. He will be missed!

My prayers are with his family at this time in their lives. God's love and mercy is the only comfort that get a family through such a time.

Chief P, thanks for being a Christian witness to Tim, and bringing him into the fold as one of God's children!

Rick Blankenship

So sorry to hear of the passing of Tim. He certainly was an outstanding asset to the MTIA. I met Tim at the '04 Convention, and spoke with him several times by phone since then. His contribution and dedication to our MTIA will surely be missed.

Bill Hedges
When Jay called me this morning to inform me of Tim's passing, I was in utter disbelief. Meeting Tim at my first convention showed me just how much he loved the MTIA and how proud he was to have been an MTI. The work he has done for our organization will be hard to replace. He will be missed not just for that, but for the individual he was to so many. I emotionly recall the convention when he brought his lovely bride out with him. We spent several great nights around the pool at the Red Roof Inn telling stories. I'm very thankful that I have several pictures of those great evenings. If there was a Hall of Fame for BMT, he definetly should have a place in it. Lana and I wish to pass on to his family our deepest condolences and prayers to continue on with their lives.

Nick Zuehl & Lana Gillespie

After losing my bride of 53 years last month and now hearing about the loss of Tim just doubles the pain. What a great human being he was and a treasure to our organization. With your permission, I'd like to dedicate my convention speech to Tim's memory. I will keep it positive, because everything about his life was positive and an inspiration to everyone who ever knew him. Thank you for bringing him to Christ as we now know where he is. He was loved and he will be missed. God Bless!

George Barrett

Although I never met Tim the one thing that stands out in my mind from the comments that I have read and have deduced is that he apparently loved
motorcycles and although it was a tragic accident he passed away doing the thing he loved. We should all be so fortunate.

Chief Charlie Flesch

Good morning Tommy.

One thing is for sure, this place will never be the same without Tim Johnson. You take care and the rest of the sleeping MTI's need to get up.

My condolences to the Johnson family - I never met Tim but had an opportunity to correspond with him by e-mail and he will be dearly missed.

John and Carmen Shippy

I had a chance to notify Hugo Gammarra, to say the least he was at a loss, he was stunned and shocked. He did ask that I let everyone know that he feels sorrow, and that he offers his condolences to everyone, mostly to Tim's family.

I think it is important to acknowledge Tim's life, his contributions and to take time to for some reflection.


Our prayers and thoughts are with Tim and his family.

Al and Virginia Bowles

Johnson, Tim E.

Tim E. Johnson died unexpectedly as a result of a traffic accident on September 1, 2008. Tim was born on January 28, 1955 in Torrance, California. He was 53 years old. Tim lived with his wife of 33 years, Deborah, in Campbell California. His surviving children Casey Johnson and Andy Johnson live nearby in San Jose. Tim served in the Air Force for eight years and was the co-founder of the Military Training Instructor Association, an organization he remained active in. Following his military duty, Tim's career was in the motorcycle
industry. He divided his life between his love of motorcycling and love of his family. As a devoted husband and father he cherished time spent with his family and never let an hour go by without telling them how much he loved them. He will be missed by all that knew him. In addition to his wife and children, Tim is survived by his mother Betty Johnson, his brother Tom Johnson, his nephew Steve Johnson and his niece Stacy Johnson. A memorial service will be held on Saturday September 6, 2008 at 10:00 am at Lima Family Erikson Memorial located at 710 Willow Street in San Jose, CA. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the American Cancer Society in his name.

Published in the San Jose Mercury News on 9/5/2008

San Jose News PDF
Guestbook Comments

We have truly lost one of the best. I only met Tim at the first MTIA convention and he was a VERY special person. He will be missed by all and I know I will never forget his passion for the corps. Please pass on my thought and prayers to his family during this difficult time. May Tim rest in peace and I am certain he is bringing a flight of angels down the bomb run as we morn his passing.
Eternally Blessing brother...until we meet again!

MSgt TJ Lyden, Jr.

All: I'm here in San Jose and I've spent the majority of the morning with Tim's wife and children. They are doing remarkably well considering the circumstances. They deeply appreciate the outpouring of sympathy at this time.

Tomorrow at 10:00 P.M. the memorial service for Tim will take place. His wishes were to be cremated so the service will be limited to just the memorial service. As most of you know, outside of the MTIA, Tim's passion was motorcycles. He rode with countless individuals in this area. They are planning a bike ride from where he worked to the funeral home, led by the California Highway Patrol. If you think he was legend within our Association, you should see what people think of him here. It's unbelieveable.

Tomorrow I will speak at Tim's service on behalf of BMT and the MTIA. Prior to my departure, Colonel Westermann and Chief Ludwig signed off on awarding Tim the Master Military Training Instructor Award for his efforts in support of the MTIA, as well as his efforts in telling the story of the MTI Corps via the web site. I will have the honor and privilege of presenting his Blue Rope to his wife and children. Additionally, I will be presenting a hat plaque to his family on behalf of the MTIA.

Thank you all for your prayers. I will post more as time permits.

Chief John Pavey

I have been without words for most of this week, unable to properly put through my fingertips what I am feeling inside. We have lost a brother, and some very special people have lost a husband, a son, a brother, and a dad. Lives will be changed because of this tragedy, and this one lands very close to home for me. In the meanwhile, we all continue in our normal lives. I no longer can.

I no longer will argue about politics with my wife's mother. I no longer will fuss at my dog for getting into the trash. I no longer will get mad at the driver who cuts me off. For if I do, I am wasting away the gift that our Creator has given to me. I no longer can.

From this point, in the memory of TJ, I will begin to dedicate my life to my family and my Saviour. Life is far too short not to live it in its fullest meaning. I have lost too much time chasing dreams and rainbows instead of grabbing on to what is right in front of me. I no longer can.

I am a mortal being with an eternal soul. I am going to continue preparing for where that soul will reside when the mortal being no longer can continue. With fervent conviction, I ask all of you to do the same.

Dr. Ron Cole


God bless you, sir.

I believe I can say without fear of contradiction that we all very much appreciate your being there to represent us all and to express to Tim's family how much his life meant to us in the AF MTI 'community.'

Looking at his web site 'adventour,' it quickly became obvious to me what a remarkable fellow he was. He logged over 700,000 miles on motorcycles. He and his son and another fellow just got back from a road trip and he had just posted the photos. His daughter just graduated from college. He was having the time of his life and sharing it with his family to the fullest. Few people get to do what they love and get paid for it.

Award of the Master MTI Blue Rope is a most befitting tribute, and shall distinguish him as one of the best TIs ever. Thanks to you and current BMT leadership for that.

May God comfort his family in this time of confusion, disbelief, and sorrow...

Have a safe trip home.

Ross George


Dr. Ron, We should all take a look at our lives & thank the Lord for all He has done for us. Life is short but if you have Jesys in your life, there are a lot less worries. Remember Tim & his family during this time . Tim is at home now & lets keep his family in our Prayers & Pray for the rest of our Brothers & Sisters.

Pastor Frank Hotz

Tim has done so much for this organization and has been a great friend these last six plus years. It seems just like I met him yesterday and now he is gone. It is hard to believe it, but I know it to be true.

Yesterday morning Tim's brother and I went to the mortuary to view the body. He died due to blunt force trauma to the pelvic area of his body. His upper torso suffered very little injury. I was able to look him in the face one final time. It was surreal to say the least. He looked so peaceful lying there. I know he is in Heaven so the next time I see him I'll hear that laugh of his. Until then brother, enjoy the Streets of Gold!

Chief John Pavey

All: Earlier today more than 250 individuals honored the life of Tim Johnson. I wish you all could have been there. It was standing room only. There were individuals from all walks of life present. Believe me when I say it was arguably the finest memorial service I ever attended. The pastor began it all, followed by Casey (his daughter), followed by the Schmoes (three characters that Tim rode with ... they had their antlers on ... more about that later). Tom his brother was next, then I spoke. The Air Force Honor Guard did their thing, then I presented the flag to Debbie.

His family was simply overwhelmed by the Blue Rope presentation, as well as the hat case that the MTIA presented (I'll get approval later). :-)

There was much laughter, as well as tears. It was amazing to see so many of those hard core bikers wiping tears during the playing of Taps. No one was ashamed.

There were so many funny stories told about Tim it was hard to keep a straight face. I didn't know it, but he had a form of color blindness. One story was about how proud he was of a purple jacket and gloves he picked out that matched his beautiful blue bike. His wife and children never had the heart to tell him of the conflicting colors. They only told him after he sold the bike. Tim was also proud of fixing a scratch on his daughter's car one time. The only problem was that her car was a cream color and the touch up paint was yellow.

I'm going to be posting much more on this over the next few days.

Bottom line: I don't believe I've ever met an individual that lived his life to his utmost potential. Every day this guy was doing stuff for everyone around him. He gave so much to others.

Did anyone know that Tim has been mailing out membership packages and renewals at his expense? He's never asked for a dime. When I told
him to submit a voucher he refused. Likewise, he's been paying for the monthly web site fee. When I tried to get him to submit a voucher for that his only reply was: "This is my opportunity to give back to the MTI Corps."

I repeatedly emphasized to the family the many comments made by the members on this site. They were simply overwhelmed.

I'm flying out in the morning. I'll be back on line later tomorrow night and I'll post some more. The last few days have been one of the most blessed experiences of my life. I've lost a dear friend, but I've gained even more. His immediate and extended family have been so good to me. In fact, they've made it clear to me that they have adopted me into the Johnson Clan. It's been awesome!

Chief John Pavey

Tim's daughter Casey spoke at the memorial service. She was very eloquent and told one story that, in conjunction with everything else, will make all you fathers out there reevaluate your relationship with your children and wife.

When Casey was in college (in Los Angeles), Tim called her up one day and asked her if she wanted to go to lunch. She said she didn't know he was in town. He told her he didn't say he was, he just wanted to know if she was available for lunch. She said she was. Tim promptly made the normal six hour trip from San Jose to Los Angeles in 4.5 hours on his motorcyle and picked her up on time. Took her to lunch, took her back home, kissed her on the cheek and told her how much he loved her and how proud he was of her. He then drove all the way back to San Jose. She said she would never forget that as long as she lived. That's quite a legacy to leave.

His son Andy and Casey both said there was never a day that passed in which Tim told them he loved them or told them how proud he was of them.

On average, Tim sent his wife flowers two to three times a month.

I spent a lot of time with Tim. Never once did I ever hear him complain about his children or his wife ... never! All he ever did was praise them and tell me how much he loved them. They weren't perfect mind you, but he never trashed them to anyone ... not even me in the privacy of some very deep and frank conversations. He always told me he had the most beautiful wife in the world and he was absolutely shocked that she put up with him and stayed with him all these years. He said he always felt he was the luckiest man on Earth.

Tim was not perfect ... far from it ... just like all of us. But, his family came number one and it was more than just words with him. He lived it.

Dwell on that my friends ...

Chief John Pavey


I did not correspond near as much as you did with Tim. However, there was a special feeling in the air when he was around. From the initial membership meetings, where he would sit in back of the room with his laptop and camera and have instantaneous pics on our web page, to his laughter that was contagious! Tim was a very special man, and no matter what anyone here knows or says, nothing will ever change it.

It is obvious as much as he loved his family, he loved life in general and lived it to the fullest every day. Some very important lessons here.

I have been able to take all my life experiences (including my MTI experience) and use them as knowledge and wisdom. If you simply slow down and smell the roses (count our Blessings) daily, it is easy to see that life is great. Not taking everything for granted is not that difficult if you really look at all we've been given.

Tim epitomized that for us to see. he was truly a great spirit and that was easy to see/ I relay enjoyed talking with him and it was really cool to see him glow about everything. He simply "got it".


Tim worked for San Jose BMW Motorcycles. He was the Sales Manager and after he came on board, tripled sales in six months. The guy simply knew motorcycles and that was apparent to new buyers. The owner, however, had an affinity for racing motorcycles. There is a San Jose BMW Motorcycle Racing Team. A year or two ago they won the 8 Hours of Daytona. That is one of the premier motorcycle races in the U.S. It is a huge deal. Anyway, once Tim began to work there he took on the role of being their publicist, so to speak. He began to take pictures at the races and chronicled everything about the team. Once corporate headquarters in Germany got word of the success of the San Jose Team (due to Tim's efforts), BMW of Germany took over sponsorship of the team. Do you think the owner of the San Jose shop is happy about that? You bet you he is. Tim saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. BMW of Germany is extremely excited about what this team is doing. BMW is not noted for having racing bikes, but this shop, and Tim have put them on the map. BMW of Germany was so impressed with Tim's work that they have decided to name an award in his honor. I only got bits and pieces of this and as soon as I get more specifics I will let you know.

Chief John Pavey


As we continue to mourn the passing of one of our brothers, I wanted to post Tim's personal website to show all his true passions. Please take some time to review this website, as it really captures the essence of Tim.

Chief Pavey

Thank you Chief for passing the information. I send my deepest sympathy for the loss of Mr. Tim Johnson! Him and I spoke through email constantly. It was a shame I never had the pleasure to meet him in person. He always made me smile and was so helpful with anything I asked of him. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Carmen L. De Leon-Acosta, SSgt, USAF

I was very sorry to hear about Tim. I was lucky to meet him several times going back to 2003. I always let him know how much I appreciated this great site and freqently sent him pictures to post. I know he is smiling down on us. He will be missed.


I met Tim in 2003 when I returned to Lackland for the second time. He was an AWESOME individual that will be missed. My Prayers and thoughts go out to his family.

God Bless

David Isabelle

I was saddened upon hearing of the death of Tim Johnson via the MTIA website. Tim and I worked at the 3704 BMTS during the same time period. He was a great MTI and an extraordinary human-being. The world will be lesser place without him.

Dave Calkins
It is very sad to hear about SSgt Tim Johnson. I am about to retire from the Air Force Reserves and SSgt Johnson was my MTI in 1985, FLT 045. I remember him talking about Aviano and how he made SSgt the first time. When I graduated, I will never forget the joke he told me that day! I am not suprised at all that he had so much to do with creating this website. He was a great MTI and he will be missed.

MSgt Gary N. Taylor

A Personal Thought
By: John D. Kanios ("k")

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, Tim Johnson, what can I say
You brought so many special things our way…

You were a brother of the Hat, an MTI who’s blood ran true blue
You did so much for the MTIA, we can never repay you…

Your love and dedication to this fine group
Was proven with all you did to give us proof…

You gave the MTIA a face, a place for all to see
Nothing about it is virtual, the entire world can see…

For the first time in our History, a place has been made
That is a huge collection of the history, called the MTIA…

You asked, gathered and collected
From as many as you could…

To gather as much memorabilia and items
In addition, share them all for the good…

You sacrificed of yourself, and your time
To make something so special, it erased away the time…

Generations can now look and see, what kind of man you are
Because it takes a special person, to take things this far…

You have a special way about you, that makes you just you
Gentle, kind and sharing, a happier man I never knew.

We met at the MTIA conventions, a grand place for us all
I remember talking with you and thinking, WOW, this guy knows it all…

And so humble a person, I do not think I’ve ever met
You made me feel like a brother, a true MTI Vet…

Thank you Tim from the bottom of my heart
I know you are on the race track in heaven, tearing it up from the start…

You cannot be replaced, nobody can fill your shoes
I will miss you dearly, dear Brother of the Blue…

Thank you for sharing yourself with us while you could
And allowing me to have met your wife as well,
your love could be seen from atop a hill…

March on dear brother, in a place we all yearn to be
In a place we call home or heaven, you continue to inspire me.

John D. Kanios
MTIA Member #213
3711th BMTS 1988-1991

NOTE: The section below is the bio Tim wrote about himself.
We feel it is only fitting to let it stay as part of the MTIA Web Site.

Staff Sergeant (Vet) Tim E. Johnson

Staff Sergeant Johnson was born on 28 January 1955 in Torrance, California. Starting work at age 11, he developed skills in sales, marketing and purchasing.

Along with his brother Tom, he developed several successful racing programs including supermodifides, sprint cars and top fuel dragsters, as well as beginning a lifelong love of motorcycles. Following graduation from Del Mar High School in 1973, he met and married his wife of 32 years, Deborah Ann McAdam.

In 1981, at the age of 26, he decided it was time for a change and enlisted in the USAF. Following basic training in the 3743 BMTS, he completed Tele-communications Operations Specialist technical training at Sheppard AFB, Texas. His first assignment was the 2187th Communications Group, Aviano AB, Italy.

Sergeant Johnson distinguished himself by being selected as Airman of the Quarter three times by the Communications Group and once by the European Communications Division. He was recognized twice as an "Outstanding Performer" during USAFE ORI inspections. In addition, he was selected SrA below the zone and made Staff Sergeant his first time testing. He was additionally recognized by the USAFE Public Affairs Office for having an "Outstanding," Group Level, Public Affairs program while working in an officer's position on the commander's staff in the 2187 CG/DO.

Upon selection for MTI duty in 1984, the Johnson's moved to Lackland AFB with their son Andy and Italian born daughter, Casey. Finishing third in his MTIS class of 54 students, he was assigned to the 3704 BMTS and reported to the new Training Superintendent - SMSgt Garry Henry. Sergeant Johnson was made a Team Chief after his first flight. With several Honor Flights to his credit, he was additionally recognized as an "Outstanding Performer" during an ATC ORI and the only instructor in the squadron to never receive a demerit at parade or retreat during his three years at Lackland. Sergeant Johnson was also a three year member of the USAF Honor Guard.

Sergeant Johnson left Lackland in 1987 and cross-trained into Training Systems. His new assignment was to Vandenberg AFB, California. He was assigned to the 1st Strategic Aerospace Division of the Strategic Air Command. The 1st STRAD handled all the training responsibilities for the base and Sergeant Johnson was assigned to the 4243rd SPS/LE. He was responsible for the OJT/Upgrade training for more than 250 airmen (many of which had been in his basic training flights). Sergeant Johnson distinguished himself by receiving the Distinguished Graduate award at the SAC NCO Leadership School at March AFB, California. He was once again recognized as an "Outstanding Performer" during a SAC ORI.

In 1988 he ran into an old civilian friend that had just purchased the local Harley-Davidson dealership. With permission from his commander, Sergeant Johnson took on a second job working at the dealership. In 1989 the USAF canceled the Training NCO career field that left him with a career decision. He applied for two new career fields, Crew Chief for a Jolly Green Giant helicopter, and Reciprocating Aircraft Engine Mechanic on A1 Sky Raiders. He was accepted for both, as well as receiving a letter from BMT asking him to return to instructor duty. At the same time, he was offered the position as General Manager at the Harley dealership.

After much soul searching, Sergeant Johnson placed the long-term future of his family ahead of his personal desires and separated from the Air Force. In 1989 he left his beloved USAF for civilian life. Sergeant Johnson's decorations included the Air Force Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Air Force Achievement Medal and the Air Force Good Conduct Medal with oak leaf cluster.

During the time after his Air Force career, Tim Johnson has been a business owner in the Scuba Diving industry and involved in the Motorsports Industry, including motorcycle products, auto racing, specialty vehicle fabrication and race car restoration.

As for his personal achievements, he counts his MTI duty as his most important. Tim has over 500 scuba dives around the world, and several hundred thousand documented miles on 41 different motorcycles after 39 years of riding.

Tim Johnson is one of the seven Founding Directors of the MTIA and, in addition to serving as the Director of Marketing, he also created and maintains the association's web site as the MTIA Official Web Master. With the opportunity to give back to those he served with, he now counts this position as one of the most gratifying he has ever served in. Tim and his family reside in Campbell, California.

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